Cybercrimes To Watch Out For Protecting Your Wealth

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Cybercrimes To Watch Out For Protecting Your Wealth


The rapid growth of the Internet reflects in increased challenges on cybersecurity. Even though several innovative security features are implemented, cyber hackers and criminals are coming with new ways of breaking it. In this regard, it has become important for internet users, especially those who engage with financial transactions to become more aware of the common ways that hackers use to grab away your financial information or hard earned money.

1. Phishing

This is one of the oldest cybercrime, that involves the installing of malicious software on your device as you click on any message you receive on your email or social media. In this way, the cyberattackers may even trick you for access credentials of bank accounts. These phishing messages you receive may even look trustful so that you should be so cautious while providing information on various sites online.

2. Free-trial Offers

Many sites give you a free trial for using any of their services online. They may ask for your payment credentials for getting access to these free-trials. There will be some expensive annual fee following the 1-month trial. This can end up with you getting charged from your account for an annual fee even without your knowledge. It’s important for you to read carefully about the information and T&C before giving payment details for accessing trail offers.

3. Bank loan or credit card scam

You should be cautious of scams that come in the form of a bank loan or credit card offering that a large amount of money is pre-approved by some bank. If you come across such an offer without even asking for your financial background you should foresee it to be some kind of scam targeted to grab money from you in the form of a processing fee.

4. Fake antivirus software

You would have seen a notification message on your PC or mobile phones saying that your device is infected and asking install a particular anti-virus software. Though these push notifications are designed to look original as those sent from your OS or security provider. Clicking on the notification may end up with system or device getting malware infected and showing up that threat on your device. It will ask you for a recovery sum for getting you rid of the issue. You also stay away from clicking on such pop-up warning you about malware infections. You can prevent such issues by enabling a specialized security product that guarantees your online protection.

5. Cryptocurrency scams

People who are interested to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum should be aware that it is more prone to scans. There are chances for scammers hacking your digital wallets to steal sensitive data relating to your crypto wallet. Bitcoin transactions should be safe, but these five examples of Bitcoin scams show how they happen and how you can lose your money. Some of the scam prone aspects you should be aware while investing in Bitcoin are fake Bitcoin exchanges, Ponzi schemes, everyday scam attempts, and malware.