8 Ways To Earn Money Literally Without Working At All

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8 Ways To Earn Money Literally Without Working At All


Many workplaces have adapted in a way that people anymore find like working but enjoying what they do. Global companies including American Express, Cisco and Adobe has reflected with improved productivity by innovating their work culture. Millennials are looking for jobs that feels more of enjoying than working.

The idea of freelancing is getting more popular with the reason that people finds it more to be their passion than working. Many of the activities we did as part of our lifestyle interest has now turn out to be rewarded with several influences.

1. Gaming

Those who are really passionate at playing online games can make into websites like CashCrate and InboxDollars to earn extra cash.

2. Food Delivery

Are you really fond of bike riding? What if every pastime rides you make through city gives you an attractive reward. You just need to register with food delivery apps like UberEats or GrubHub so that you keep getting notifications on food delivery orders. When you’re in a mood or make a ride, you can accept a delivery order and collect the food from the restaurant and delivery it to the customer.

3. Cab Service

If you’re really passionate about driving cars, ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Hailo is there for you. You just need to register as a driver on any of these apps, and ride booking nearby your location will be notified on your mobile. You need to accept a ride booking only if you’re interested and convenient to make the trip. You will be paid with attractive rewards for each trip you accomplish through these apps.

4. Talk English

Do you speak conversational English? With this app called VIPKID, you can earn up to $22 per hour for teaching English to kids online. This app gives ultimate flexibility so that you can work from anywhere you want and at the time you decide. All you need to have for earning with VIPKID is a computer and the passion for teaching.

5. Travel Planner/Guide

If you’re a travel enthusiast who would like to earn money from your trips the best thing is to associate with some travel guide sites/apps like GetYourGuide that will help you earn attractive rewards for every travel guide service you provide. The advantage is that with every travel planning/guide service you make you will also fulfill your passion to travel places.

6. Answer Questions

Have you ever thought of getting paid for just being expert enough to answer some questions? Sites like JustAnswer and Experts123 are rewarding users for answering questions. You should have some expertise in the aspect so as to give a relevant answer to the question.

7. Tell Your Friends

Friend Referral is a simple way of earning money. All you need to do is refer a brand or product to your friend and get rewarded. There are many mobile apps providing referral bonus and it is one of the most simple and easier ways to make money.

8. Social Media

Monetize your passion for social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram by signing up for Izea to collaborate with brands in their social media marketing. For this, all you need to have is a good follower-base and engagement.