7 Cost Effective Self Business Ideas For Beginners

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7 Cost Effective Self Business Ideas For Beginners


There is a growing trend among recently passed out bachelors to become entrepreneurs rather than starting to work as an employee. Studies reveal that millennials are more courageous to take up risks in career and experiment innovative ways for establishing their business. Majority of individuals qualifies their masters in business with the aim for setting up their own business.

Several self-marketing opportunities are rapidly emerging both online and offline with people’s irresistible quest for establishing their own business with less or zero investments. This blog discusses some of the potential services that individuals can establish for themselves with minimal or zero cost.

1. Transcriptionist

This is a highly potential job role in which individuals will have to develop a handful of entrepreneurial skills including that of client management and coordination in industries like business, legal, or medical purposes. All you need to become a transcriptionist is a computer, word processing software, headphones, and Internet access. You need great typing speed and basic computer skills for fulfilling basic requirements.

2. Chat Support

In today’s complex digital scenario, chat support for the website and mobile apps are being crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and retention on your business. To establish yourself as a chat support gig you just need a computer and an internet connection, and should also get some training in chat support management.

3. Data Entry Clerk

You will have much flexibility as a data entry clerk, and there aren’t any investments needed for skill training. The job doesn’t require previous experience or a bachelor’s degree, thus it can be a great opportunity for undergraduates to own their own business.

4. Copy Editor

Copy editing is a promising service that can be established as your individual business. The role is to review written material for accuracy, spelling, grammar, and readability. In order to ensure quality in services you should have sound knowledge of various writing styles for copy editing – AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style.

5. Coding

Programming services are one of the most demanding outsourcing services in the IT industry. As an expert programmer, you can set up your own programming service on popular freelancer sites so that both B2B and B2C will be approaching you for coding services. You can also share your programming skills through tutorials on online learning platforms like Coursera, Lynda or Udemy to impact people and get rewarded with each purchase.

6. Online Retail Consigner

With eCommerce sector’s rapid emergence, the opportunities in online consignments become exciting. You can get listed on any eCommerce sites to establish own business in online consignment and all you need for this is a computer, WiFi and digital camera. You may start with small investments for buying the products and mailing materials need to pack and ship to the buyer.

7. Social Media Manager

If you have a passion for engaging with the social media and aware of essential tools then you can list your own social media management service on some freelancer sites. Social media management has immense growth potential involving building social media account, conducting audits on target audience engagement, developing a marketing strategy, content management on various social media platforms and much more.